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The Story of SpaceWolf

The SpaceWolf token is the first Interactive-TokenStory ever created for the crypto community. Each token holder can determine the SpaceWolf's journey as it relates to what is happening in the crypto world.This is done in a sarcastic way for now with the help of stories, but in the future also with comics and videos chosen by the community. Let's build the SpaceWolf story together and show the world how far we can go.

Once upon a time there was a young wolf, known as the SpaceWolf, who lived in a centralized world ruled by banks and their fiat currency. One day in 2008 on his way home from work he encountered in the woods a person named Satoshi Nakamoto who gave him a USB flash drive with the code for something called BitCoin. He told him to travel across the universe to help all living beings regain their freedom. Let's begin with the story ....

The Spacewolf and his journey to regain the freedom of all living with the help of crypto begins.... Become a member and decide as a community what happens next....



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